#2 – A New Computer Language

Information technology (IT) is the use of computer systems, software, and networks to process data. The information is handled in terms of the ‘language’ of computers. That language is a ‘binary’ one (‘two-based’) and is called a ‘bit’ because of the ‘bi.’ Modern computer language is based on a simple ‘on-off,’ ‘0/1’ language. As revolutionary and innovative as it now seems, that cyber-language will be seen in the future as merely a primitive beginning prior to the discovery of a more extensive computer language, a natural language which exists in electromagnetic (light) rays.

My son, Jim Miller, is an IT expert. He works in the field but comes home and pursues things on his own time as well. Recently he became interested in light and sound, especially the way in which certain frequencies have healing properties. Of particular interest is 40 hertz. A hertz (Hz) is a quantity which designates the number of cycles of a rhythmic (regular periodic) change per second). The term hertz is used most often in connection with electromagnetic (light and sound) waves or in the description of alternating electric currents. My son read of an experiment being conducted at MIT. The physicists/physicians working there have developed a technique which does not cure Alzheimer’s but (literally) stops it in its tracks. Patients are placed in a lab with LED lights and sounds which pulse together at 40 Hz. It is not possible to get a description of how MIT accomplishes this, with what kind of device (or with what type of lab set-up). MIT is a private research university, money is an objective, and they have patented their work. Jim developed a small electronic device which makes approximately 150 small LED lights blink on and off at a 40 Hz rate and which produces concurrent sound waves, also pulsing at 40 Hz. Because these are light bulbs they must be viewed from side vision but they still make their way to the brain, as do the sound waves. All the lights and all the sounds pulse together. [Jim’s design is not patented and is available on line for anyone who wants to research the ideas of using Light & Sound Therapy for keeping Alzheimer’s at Bay.

There is a very old discipline being rejuvenated in modern times. It is ‘semiotics’ the study of sign processes (‘semiosis’). There are so many aspects to semiotics it is impossible to mention them all here, but two branches in particular are growing exponentially—and converging. These are biosemiotics and cyber semiotics (also called computational semiotics). Relative to the former, codes like DNA tell scientists that some sort of natural sign underpinning produces the various parts of the body. ‘Cybercognition’ entails mimicking the codes of both body and mind for various purposes. An example of the former is to possibly promote healing. An example of the latter might be to create artificial intelligence. IT specialists are looking for ways to program human-type thinking into robots.

There is a natural ‘language’ of the body and of the mind—the signs of the zodiac. As I mentioned in my last blog on the subject of ‘A Natural, Universal Language’ as an undergraduate I minored in linguistics, the study of languages. I did my master’s thesis in philosophy at SIU (Edwardsville) on the subject of the twelve signs of the zodiac as a natural universal language after the nature of what Plato called the Forms. At the time I was just beginning to realize that these universals were not merely Platonic-type Forms but also specific phases and frequencies within electromagnetic rays. My latest book The Essential Wisdom: The Secret of Secrets is a continuation of that thesis with the added input of what has been learned since then about light. The reason astrology (and its companion, mythology) does not die out is because the ‘signs’ of the zodiac are present within light—the basis of all creation. It is to be predicted that in the not too distant future the twelve signs will be recognized as the universal language they are—and the means to a new cyber-language.

When IT and astrology converge—and they will—a whole new world will open up for mankind. Relative to healing it is to be predicted that the new cyber language will be more specific than the hertz method just mentioned. A hertz measurement is different from and yet closely related to ‘frequency,’ the time it takes for one cycle (e.g., that of a single electromagnetic vibration) to complete itself. The natural language of the planets is in terms of colors and sounds. Every color has a specific frequency. So also does every planet, the time it takes to complete one orbit. When white light goes forth from the personal spirit it manifests as ‘All the Colors of the Rainbow,’ the subject of next Wednesday’s blog.

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