#3 – All The Colors of the Rainbow

I spoke in my previous blogs about the signs of the zodiac being a natural, universal language. The solar system expresses this language in a simple, visual manner. Each of the signs is a potential for qualitative differentiation present within light. Color is one such potential.

As is discussed in The Essential Wisdom, white light contains all the colors of the rainbow in potential form. When any one of twelve basic potentials for qualitative differentiation in our world is actualized, it goes forth in space-time as a color. Each color has a different frequency, and there are twelve basic frequencies. The difference between white light and its colors is the difference between a whole (the white light) and its parts (the colors). What is involved is a different level.

In the solar system above each planet has its own specific frequency, the time it takes to complete one cycle. As mentioned in my previous blog, a hertz measurement is slightly different from and yet closely related to ‘frequency.’ Frequency is the time it takes for one cycle to complete itself. Those who experiment with healing via hertz pulsation have the right idea, but frequency is just as important as Hertz, i.e., the right color for the specific part of the body undergoing treatment. (Astrologers know which planet rules which part of the body. All that is needed is to know which color and which sound relates to which planet. The healing arts and astrology need to converge as badly as astrology and information technology needs to converge.)

The solar system entails a language which among other things can be represented through colors. Each person is an artist using these colors to paint with—to create both their external world and the internal world of their body and their mind.

And it is not just colors which manifest specific frequencies, so also do sounds, the subject of next Wednesday’s blog, ‘The Music of the Spheres.’

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