To borrow a phrase from a mystic: “God give me the strength to change what I can, to accept what I cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference.”1

Every living system is a divine being composed of a spiritual substance. They are creating themselves from that spiritual substance and, together with other living systems, they are creating a collective world. The collective which people share is intended to be a beautiful and good world. They themselves are intended to be free of all suffering and sorrow. Because of ill will and errors the world is not as it can be and should be. People are powerful creators. They can return their world to its original intended state and are in process of doing so. The timetable depends upon the work put into it and the degree to which they believe the end they envision is possible. 

People will not work for what they see no means to achieve, but give them a vision of what can be and nothing will stop them from exerting every ounce of their strength to achieve that end. There is no higher goal than the re-establishment of the divinity of the living systems on this earth and the beauty of their world.

The Essential Wisdom is dedicated to furthering this goal, and with it faith in the truth which underlies the vision. Faith is not hope. It is knowledge which has grown to a degree which is indubitable. It is possible to know these simple truths beyond doubt.

  1. The history of these words in various forms can be found in Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia, ‘Serenity Prayer.’ 
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