As you will see when you read the Synopsis on the next page of this web site, the two keys to an understanding of the Essential Wisdom are (a) the personal spirit in every true system, and (b) a spiritual substance at base of creation—pure Being-Unity-Goodness (variously the ‘substrate’). The process of their interaction creates the world. Because the personal spirit is a part of the substrate (part of the whole), the result is a world of systems composed of two primal layers—partness and wholeness. As systems evolve the layering becomes more complex. In a human being for instance there are organs composed of cells, composed of molecules, composed of atoms, composed of nuclei, composed of photons.

The wholeness is not just the sum of the parts. It is something real in and of itself. If you do not believe ‘wholeness’ is something different from partness, ask yourself if you are just a composite of organs.

Spirit can and cannot be divided. Although the personal spirit is only a part of the substrate in another sense it is the substrate. It is the whole. The way this works out in a material body is that what is wholeness at one level can be partness at a higher level. It depends upon the level under consideration. Thus an atom is a whole, but also a part of a molecule.

In antiquity the god called Hermes governed connections, including those between levels of being. The idea of levels and their interrelationships is at base of the hermetic cosmology and is given in the hermetic aphorism, “That which is below is as that which is above and that which is above is as that which is below.” 

Complexity arises via the multiplication of levels but each level is simple in and of itself. Hence it is possible to look at one level and learn something about a higher or lower level. You can look at the solar system for instance and learn something about yourself. 

The world is composed of electromagnetic (light) vibrations. The existence of a world composed of layers of light helps explain among other things what darkness consists of. The substrate at base of everything is pure Being. Light is the way pure Being expresses itself. Everything is composed of pure Being. Hence darkness cannot ‘be.’ It cannot exist. There is no real darkness—no non-being. Yet there is a kind of darkness which people experience under certain adverse circumstances. Systems ‘see’ light only at certain levels. If a level is not at the right level it is experienced as darkness. There is light everywhere but for that system it is not at a level which can be seen. Nor can it be used. It is experienced as what physicists refer to as non-useful energy. In a living body these places are (literally) wounds, i.e., lack of light at the correct level of being. (If you cut yourself the wound is a place where the cells die and the spot drops down to the level of molecules.)

It is important to understand the underlying essence—the true nature of parts—so as to know how to restore them to their correct level of being. You cannot repair something if you do not know how it is constructed. 

The two keys on the cover of The Essential Wisdom are among other things the keys to healing the wounds in people—physical, mental and emotional. Even death can be overcome. If you do not believe it watch how your cells reincarnate after they die. (We call this process ‘healing.’) However wonderful healing is, the point is that death need not occur in the first place. Death is brought about by the Fall, and the Fall is a fall in the level of being. As is discussed in the page in this web site entitled The Secret of Secrets people are composed of the substance of spirit. They are divine.

Just as important as knowing what is wrong and how it can be changed is the importance of knowing that it can be changed—by us. People will not work for what they see no means to achieve, but give them a vision of what can be and nothing will stop them from exerting every ounce of their strength to achieve that end. There is no higher goal than the re-establishment of the divinity of the living systems on this earth and the beauty of their world.

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