#4 – The Music of the Spheres

As was mentioned in previous blogs, the signs of the zodiac are a natural universal language. It is the language of light—both of the phases and the frequencies within a light wave. These can be experienced as colors and as sounds. (Sounds are vibrations in matter but at the atomic level they have an electromagnetic equivalent.)

What is important about understanding the language in terms of sounds is that they can be conveyed through music. The notes in an octave are twelve in number: A,  A#/Bb,  B,  C,  C#Db,  D,  D#Eb,  E,  F,  F#Gb,  G, and G#/Ab.  (‘#’ stands for ‘sharp’ and ‘b’ for ‘flat.’ As noted A sharp is B flat.) There are seven major notes and five sharp/flat notes.

The Greek philosopher Pythagoras (570 – 495 BC) and Johannes Kepler (1571 – 1630) were fascinated by the fact that the frequencies of the planetary orbits were related to musical notes. (Kepler was a German astronomer, astrologer and mathematician.) From the work of these men arose the concept of the Music of the Spheres (variously the Harmony of the Spheres). Their thoughts inspired Gustav Holst to compose his well-known symphony ‘The Planets.’ Plato not only linked astronomy to music, he also linked these two disciplines to the pursuit of an understanding of the universals in nature—the ideal Forms (Republic VII 530d).

What is important about seeing the language of the solar system in terms of music is that the correlation between the frequencies of the planets and harmonious sounds provides a proof that the universe is constructed in terms of what I call good-form. These are (literally) the building blocks of the universe. The interrelationships between the blocks demonstrates that the world is intended to be a world of harmony.

The presence of harmony in the notes in light helps explain what disharmony entails. As discussed in The Essential Wisdom: The Secret of Secrets, it is as Plato deduced when he said there is no non-being. It is a contradiction in terms to say Being has non-being. Similarly the material world is composed of electromagnetic waves. We see these waves (as light) only at certain levels consistent with our own level of evolution. When we create something in ourselves or in our external world not in accordance with the natural harmony in these waves it creates a missing spot. It is not that all levels are not filled with electromagnetic waves, but the waves then are not in the octave we currently see and we experience it as a lack of light. And in a way it is.

Music is a universal language. It is the language of light as well as of sound. There are major universities (e.g., Maryville University in St. Louis) which have degrees available in Music Therapy. It is time for disciplines like Music Therapy and astrology to get together and share their knowledge. It is the right time for this natural, universal language in the twelve basic notes of creation to be better understood and astrology is an excellent means to do so.

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