If you could have any wish in the world what would you wish for? Would it be for happiness? Would it be for love? Would it be to find some meaningful form of work? What about really large wishes for your family members or for the world at large? What if you could alleviate pain, sickness, old age and even death for you and your loved ones? What about knowledge? If you cannot alleviate suffering immediately, how about the knowledge of how it can be alleviated—and as quickly as possible? What about knowledge relative to the purpose of life? What if you could know what the meaning of life is—why people are born in the first place, why they currently die, and why their death is not final.

The Essential Wisdom can help provide answers to these questions, but first of all you have to know who and what you are. This is the Secret of Secrets discussed in this book, and the secret is that you are an immortal. You are infinite and everlasting, and not just in spirit or soul, but also in body. It is possible to know why the body currently suffers and eventually dies—but also that it need not, and how to change all that. It is time for this secret to become common knowledge, and that ‘knowing’ can be beyond doubt—precisely because of who you are.

There is a beautiful relationship between how well a person can know something and what kind of being they are. Indubitable knowledge is certain, absolute knowledge. Philosophers have long know that in order for knowledge to have any kind of absolute character the world must have something absolute about it—and you too. It is a philosophical truism that in order to know something the characteristics of that which is known must be in the knower. Many modern physicists will tell you the world is relative and that the certitude of all knowledge is only a matter of degree. They are wrong. 

There is a close connection between that which is absolute and that which is infinite. The nature of that relationship is discussed in The Essential Wisdom. There is also a close relationship between that which is infinite and that which is everlasting—that which goes on and on without end. There are things about the world which are absolute and infinite—and you too.

As you read this book I promise you will get a glimpse of your true self—at the fact that you are an immortal. You have nothing to lose. What you have to gain is knowledge of the nature of creation beyond what you believed was possible—indubitable knowledge—truly beyond doubt.




    You have a right to the tree of life.    And it is a beautiful tree. You are an everlasting, ever-growing branch on the tree of life. You have a natural right to happiness, love, and every good thing you could ever desire and more

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